I know that many people are experiencing stress and hard times at the moment. 

When you are stressed it is very difficult to use and access your resources, which is all your skills and contacts that can help and assist you. 

The quickest way to access your resources and to draw more to you is to feel peaceful.  Peace is only found within.


If you want to create peace in the world you need to be peaceful in yourself.


This is a true story of how this idea became a reality for a young man I met:


In 2007 I had the great privilege of being able to live in a eco community in Wales.  One day I was sitting in the entrance of the main house waiting for my friends.  Also sitting in the entrance was a young man who I had never seen before. 


As I got talking to him he said that he is a “peace activist”, I was curious I had never met a ‘peace activist’ before and to me the two words seem to oppose each other.  So I asked him “What does a peace activist do and why?”.  He seemed as surprised by my question as I was with the words ‘peace activist’.   He told me that he went on ‘peace marches’ and ‘peace demonstrations’ to raise awareness of why peace is needed.  I asked him to tell me about this.


When he had finished telling me I said, “That sounds hard.”  “Not really, it must be done, its important”, he said.  I could tell that this meant a lot to him but he did not feel very peaceful to me, in fact he felt angry.  I asked him how he felt at the last peace demonstration that he had just told me about.  “I felt ok, it was tiring but ok…  It was difficult that the police were treating us so badly”.  I sensitively asked him if he felt angry about that.  After some initial protesting he admitted that he did and that he often does because the way other people see and treat “people like him.”


When I felt that it would be ok I asked him if he felt peaceful.  Again after some hesitation he admitted that he did not at the marches and demonstrations anymore.  With his permission I done some energy and coaching work with him.  At the end of the time we spent together he said, “I can see now that if I am not peaceful within myself, there is no chance of me being able to influence other people to be peaceful and do things to create peace.” 


If you want to feel more peaceful and at ease with who you are attend

“The Key to Awareness” process, how to Act rather than React Course, starting on Saturday 25th August 2012. 

For more details click here.

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Peace is found within.
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