June 15th - June 18th, 2019

Energy & Three Principles Based Retreat in Praia das Maçãs,

Sintra National Park, Portugal

(which is easily accessible from Lisboa, the capital city)

This Retreat is for you if you want to:

  1. Learn how to have your mind work for you (instead of against you).
  2. Clear deep down unconscious programming using Energy. 
  3. Move forward creating the life you really want.
  4. Plug in, tune up and align with your infinite potential 

Do you ever wonder why life can be so hard sometimes?

Do you know you can have an incredible experience of life by using your Energy more effectively?

You are Energy, everything is Energy (Science is clear on this!), and lack of Energy is a misalignment within you.

If you realign with your Energy, it flows more easily and you feel more alive!

After an incredibly life changing retreat in Cape Verde, we are doing it again in a stunningly beautiful location a short walk away from the beach in a private villa. 

We will be exploring how to work with Energy and how the mind really works, based on an understanding of the Three Principles – with Fiona Maguire and Damian Mark Smyth.

Why work with the Three Principles and Energy?

The Three Principles are a description of how we experience reality from the inside out and give us a life changing understanding of how your mind really works.

However, it is the thoughts that you are unaware of, that reside in the unconscious mind, that trip you up and keep you repeating the same old mistakes time and time again. To break free of this you need to work directly with the unconscious mind and this is why we will teach you how to work with your Energy.

This Retreat is for you if you want to:

  1. Quieten your mind and clear mind chatter
  2. Break Free from unconscious, sabotaging behaviours
  3. Discover your True Potential and Real Energy.

Of course, you could just carry on as you are, or keep looking for the next quick fix… or you could make the decision and commit once and for all to make the shift, by spending some time with yourself, doing the work within yourself, making the changes WITHIN YOU.

Because you know deep down that this is where the real change lies.

A Happier, Healthier You

You will learn new skills and techniques to start to work with your energy that will help you to live your life on another level. You will explore how perceiving your energy and the energy of other people enriches your appreciation of life and allows you to navigate it with ease.

By understanding how the human mind operates, you will then be better equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday living upon your return.

Unplugging from technology and having periods of complete silence throughout the retreat will give you a chance to reconnect with your inner being and resetting to the Real You – the one who sees infinite possibilities and has infinite potential.

This retreat will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and alive – as you rejuvenate your Mind, vitalise your energy and detox and cleanse your body.

Throughout our time together on the retreat, we will nourish your body and mind with cleansing, organic, vegan food, prepared by an amazing local vegan chef (all included in the price). 

Day 1 – June 15th: Saturday: 

Introductions and getting to know each other over dinner

Silence in the evening to relax, rewind and prepare for the retreat.

Day 2 – June 16th: Sunday:

Introduction to MeditationWhat is Energy? 

How does it affect us? 

How do we work with Energy? 

Afternoon off to sunbathe and relax. 

Evening meal together.

Silence in the evening to reflect on what you have learnt during the day.

Day 3 – June 17th: Monday

Guided Meditation

How to use your own Energy effectively?

What are the Principles behind Life and… How do they fit in with our own Energetic balance? 

Afternoon off to sunbathe and relax

Evening meal together

Silence in the evening to reflect on what you have learnt during the day.

Day 4 – June 18th: Tuesday

Guided Meditation

How the Unconscious Mind runs the show

How to deal with Energetic shifts going forward

Afternoon off to sunbathe and relax 

Evening meal together and final reflections

Extra Bonus!

To help you integrate all you have learnt and your insights even further

we are providing the villa for you until Friday afternoon at no extra cost! 

(a small deposit is payable towards breakages but will be returned if nothing is damaged)

Who will be running this transformational retreat?

Transformational Coaching

Fiona Maguire is an International Transformational Coach, Psychologist, Speaker, Author and creator of “The Key to Awareness” process. Fiona is an expert in working with Energy and helping people break free of what is holding them back. 

They may sense that they are struggling with something inside themselves that is holding them back, or they may suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Difficult Emotions and/or Stress.

Fiona creates quick changes as she is able to see what is at the core of her client’s issue and has a background in Psychology. 

Create the life that You Love to Live, NOW – instead of the life you think you have to: 


“Fiona has transformed my way of being with myself and other people completely.

Every session has led to such profound insights which helped me to dissolve old patterns of thoughts and emotions that I had been struggling with for a very long time”.

 – Regina Kleinhenz, Systemic therapist

Damian Mark Smyth is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Consultant specialising in Peak Performance and Mental Health. He works in business all around the World sharing his own understanding of the Three Principles.

His first book, Do Nothing! with a foreword by Dr Jack Pransky was the first Three Principles based book to be released in the UK. Damian has spoken at TEDx about the Principles and delivers workshops globally for entrepreneurs and corporates alike.

His iTunes podcast: Rethink Everything has in excess of 10k downloads and he also runs ‘One Mind’, a support network for Entrepreneurs, small business owners, the self-employed and anyone who works alone.


“Total mind blower of an event. Exactly what I needed. 

I’m now going to slow down and trust the path I’m on.” 

– Sophie Harker

Spaces are limited for this life-changing event and accommodation types vary in price and size

Twin room
Bed 1

Early-bird price: £800 

(March 6th), then £950 

If you pay in full, you can choose your room. 

Please email fiona.realenergy@gmail.com for payment details

Click below to pay a non-returnable deposit of £200 to secure your place.

Final payment of £750, due on April 11th, or you can pay in instalments see below.


How do I choose my room? – Email Fiona and pay in full up front.

Are accommodation and meals included? – Yes, in the villa where the retreat is being held.

Are flights and transfers included? – No

Are deposits refundable? – No

Can I pay in Instalments? – Yes. You need to pay the deposit now of £200 and then £250 on March 11th, April 11th and May 11th. These payments are NOT refundable, but can be gifted to someone else.

Can I stay in the villa after the retreat? – Yes at no extra charge until Friday 21st, departure time is 4pm. A deposit of 200€ is payable towards breakages but will be returned if nothing is damaged. Contact Fiona for more details.

Can I speak to someone about this retreat? – Yes, Contact Fiona or Damian for more details.