“The Key to Awareness™” process

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“How to work with Your Energy" ebook

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This book contains three energy exercises that I give to nearly all the people that work with me. I do this because all three exercises help a person to:

  • Be Joyfully Alive
  • Have more Vitality
  • Gain more of a sense of Who You Really Are


You will particularly benefit from reading this book and doing the exercises if you:

  • Are stuck
  • Feel Stressed or Anxious 
  • Are a highly sensitive person

I wrote this book because most people are not conscious of what they are doing with their energy and how it is affecting them, other people, their surroundings and creating their life.

Yes, you read that right, it is your energy (your emotions, thoughts and actions are all energy) and what energy vibe you give off that propels or attracts things to you in your life and this is what creates your life.

Furthermore, most people do not understand that they naturally exchange energy with each other, especially if they are enjoying each other’s company or are in conflict with each other, and how this affects them.