Qigong is a traditional set of exercises that originate from China, at least 3000 years ago, to help you increase your health and vitality by obtaining balance and harmony in your body, mind and emotions.

I am qualified to teach ‘Ba Duan Jin’, which is a set of exercises developed by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.


Scientific Proof of the Benefits of Qigong:

Ba Duan Jin has been scientifically proved to improve the respiratory system, strength and flexibility of limbs and joints, fortifies the nerves (makes them more resilient) and enhances the general balance of the body, mind and heart.  Studies have shown that practicing Ba Duan Jin improves the cardiovascular system and has a very beneficial effect in Coronary Artery Scleroses and Osteoporosis.  Furthermore studies have shown an improvement in people’s mental health.

Ba Duan Jin also delays the ageing process and increases your life span. 

All information has come from the Chinese Health Qigong Association (2009).


Classes and Workshops:

I will post here classes in Ba Duan Jin as they become available.


In your area:

If you would like me to run a class or Qigong day in your area please contact me.


Classes and Workshops to reduce Stress in your workforce:

Qigong is an excellent way to improve the health, resilience, absenteeism of your staff team and reduce their stress and anxiety.  For more information about how I can help your team please contact me.