What is your relationship with food? 

Many people use food to give themselves a physical feeling in their body that is lacking in their life. 

This can be a feeling of excitement, desire, satisfaction, being full or whole or a sense of control…

Do you resonate with this?

What are you lacking in your life?

When food is used to create a feeling, the feelings are short lived But have long term negative effects. Not just for the weight and health of your physical body but for your mind and clarity too. 

Trying to ‘deal’ or compensate for feelings with food is a sign that something deeper is happening. It is a sign that things need to change. You might be so used to your indigestion not working well, i.e. you may swing from being constipated to diarrhoea, or have heart burn or belching or gas that you simply do not even notice it anymore. Or you think it is normal. 

Did you know that digestion problems can be caused by a blockage in your 3rd chakra which is in your solar plexus (the space just under your chest bone)?

the solar plexus chakra

Your 3rd chakra is how you see yourself, your identity and how you see yourself in relation to the world.

This effects everything you think, see and do. 

Do you have a feeling of tightness, heaviness or congestion in your solar plexus?

Let me give an example of how this is all related:

You feel that the world is a scary place. To feel safe you need to be in control. This can be that you like to control what you do. Or it can be a bigger need to control everything. This need creates a feeling of anxiety or stress or restlessness in you, if not all the time, than most of the time. 

These feelings create a tightness in your solar plexus. So sometimes, or maybe every time, you reach out for food because in the moments of eating you feel relief.  This very easy leads you to overeating. 

Or it can lead you to be very controlling over what you eat.  As having control over what you eat might have been the only way you could gain control as a child or the only way you feel you can now.

Most Psychotherapists believe that eating disorders are about needing control.

If any of what I have written relates to you or you want to explore more with me, get in touch and we can arrange to have a chat. 

Do not wait until the new year to get healthy, have the perfect body, which means having a different relationship with food. Let’s start now, so you can achieve health and happiness before Christmas.