And he killed Himself!


I was really shocked when I heard this news on the radio this morning.  Images of Robin Williams laughing and smiling came to mind from seeing him on stage and watching his numerous films.  Robin Williams stared in some epic films of true Life Stories.  One of the first films I saw of his was “Dead Poets Society”, I remember that this film had a major effect on me.  It showed me the value and importance of Inspiration, Believing in something and someone, Acceptance, Love and Compassion.


Two other true stories that he stared in came to mind “Awakenings” – inspired me to study psychology and the mind and body connection and “Patch Adams” – the beauty and influence of the human heart.  From staring in these films Robin Williams must of know first hand the unlimited capabilities of the human Spirit and Heart?


Robin Williams always seemed comfortable with laughing at himself and reminding us not to take ourselves or life too seriously.  So why did he kill himself?


I have worked in a psychiatric unit and I have worked in the community with adults with mental health difficulties and I have seen that it takes a lot of determination and self control to kill yourself.  We are hard wired for survival and to kill ourselves goes against our deepest, natural instincts.  Luckily I have only known personally a few people that have succeeded in committing suicide.  All of these people had one thing in common – they had all decided that they could no longer live with the despair they felt due to their physical and / or mental health.


Personally I can see that if someone has reached a desperate level of hopelessness because of poverty or slavery than maybe suicide does become an option?  However, surly Robin Williams was not poor, not a slave or not hopeless?  So what could drive a man like Robin Williams to kill himself?


My best guess was that he felt and experienced a lot of inner turmoil.


Inner Turmoil

… is often a result of feeling and thinking one thing and at the same time thinking that you should be doing and / or feeling something else.  Let me give you an example:  The other day a colleague who has been experiencing health problems and has recently had surgery asked me to look inside their body and see what was going on.  I did and told them what I saw.  What I saw explained most of their symptoms but it did not explain why this was continuing to happen.  So with their permission, I asked their energy why.  I was surprised by the answer, so I decided to ask them some questions to see if they could reveal the answer for themselves.  (This is a technique I use often in coaching, because if the person finds the answer for themselves they usually are more motivated to take action; furthermore the answer is often the solution to their problem).


What was revealed was that my colleague is “Enjoying what I am doing, having fun and Loving spending quality time with my family”.  However they have a nagging sense that “I am here for a greater purpose and I should be getting on with it”.  They have an idea of what this ‘greater purpose’ is and they “…stopped WORKING on it” a while ago.  I repeated these essentials back to my colleague, who looked at me and laughed.  They could see that they were literally tying themselves up in knots by believing that they should be doing something else and yet were loving what they were doing and this was benefitting them, their family and other people immensely.


However even though they could see all this they kept going around in the same circles of wanting to beat themselves up for not doing what they are SUPPOSED to be doing.  I pointed out to my colleague that when we use words like ‘work’, ‘should’ and ‘supposed to’ this is often an indicator that we have been conditioned to think like this by other people, that when getting conditioned we take on the energy of that person and we can run more of their energy than our own energy.


Your own energy, health and purpose

Often we run in circles and beat ourselves up because we are not listening to our own intuition and instincts and instead we our doing what we think other people want us to do or other people have conditioned us to do.


Do you have inner turmoil?

Whose energy are you running?


If you want to feel happy, be healthy and love your life

take time to be quiet and see if your energy is running your life.


If you need help to clear conditioning and the energy of your conditioning contact me.


In my next blog I am going to share with why I have been so quiet lately.

Robin Williams is DEAD!

2 thoughts on “Robin Williams is DEAD!

  • August 12, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    How spooky! I have this afternoon just bumped (literally as we both bent over at the same time and collided) with Christine in the health food shop at letchworth and said oh hope to see Fiona again soon ! And there you are almost!
    Hope all well
    Sandra x

    • August 12, 2014 at 6:56 pm

      Hi Sandra

      Good to hear from you. I am well thank you. I hope your head is not too sore. We are back in Letworth on 6th September, see you then x


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