What scares you the most is

the thoughts and stories you tell yourself.


I will give you two examples of this:


Example 1:

A few weeks ago I was working with a client who was angry with his parents and he also felt very sad.  He said that his parents had made him choose between them or his ex-partner and that this was the cause of the stress that broke them apart.  I could sense his pain and could understand his feelings however I could sense that something was not quite the way he was saying it was.  Through taking with this client and reading his energy I found out that he always had contact with his parents.  So I asked him when his parents had told him to choose and when did his relationship break up?  His answer revealed that his parents had said this quite a few years before he split from his ex-partner.


I repeated to him what he had told me and I stressed that he had always had contact with his parents and had continued to see and talk to them regularly throughout his previous relationship.  I then genteelly asked him “Did your parents really make you choose?”  After a while he acknowledge that they had not and instantly the anger lessened in him.  We than dealt with the real issue – that he felt that his parents did not accept him and allow him, or his ex-partner and allow him to make his own choices.



Example 2:

This morning I was working with a client and asked her to allow herself to feel the physical sensations that she felt in her body when she thought of being ‘financially unstable’ – one of her main worries in life.  I helped her to do this by guiding her through my “acceptance exercise”.  In less that three minutes the tight feeling in her stomach that made her want to vomit (the physical sensation) had completely disappeared.  I asked her if she felt ‘financially unstable’?  She replied “No.  I have to search (my brain) for the incidents that tell me I am, to bring it back?”.


They had both been living out a perception they had that was not true and this perception was affecting their whole life and resulted in them feeling angry and sad.


What are you telling yourself

that is only a perception and not the truth?


If you are less than happy the chances are that you are telling yourself something that is not in alignment with who you really are.  To free yourself from this book a session with me, by clicking here or contact me.

Or come to my workshop.

What are you scared of?
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