and any Goal


The Secret has four parts to it, this is the first tip – you need to look at each part and them consider them together, as it is this bringing them together that is The Real Secret.


1. Choice

You can choose to do what you want with your life, because you are life itself.

In this context what this means is that no matter what is happening around you – your life circumstances – you choose what this means to you and what you want to do about it.

Lets take the example of wanting to Loose Weight.

At your work place and home their is always sweets and cakes and other “treats” around – Life Circumstance.  However you get to CHOOSE whether you eat them or NOT.


2. Motivation

Motivation is a great tool.  However why most people fail to achieve their New Year’s Resolution is that they have not really considered what their motivation for the resolution is.

It is really important that you know why you consciously want to achieve your New Year’s Resolution.

More important is your unconscious beliefs and wether you are also unconsciously motivated to, take our example -lose weight.

Even if you are like me and are very open and honest with yourself, it is often difficult to know what your unconscious beliefs and motivations are.  Unless your conscious and unconscious mind are aligned with your Goal you will not achieve it.

For example – to Loose Weight

Consciously – You know you will feel better and you think that your partner will love you more, because they keep mentioning your weight.

Unconsciously – Eating out with friends and socially drinking makes you feel one that you belong with your friends and this helps you ‘deal’ with your rocky relationship.  As a child you felt loved when you got a ‘treat’ from your parents.


3. Awareness

Awareness of what is going on in your Energy is very important too.  Awareness is also the key to knowing what is going on in your conscious and unconscious mind.

For example – to Loose Weight

When you were a child you were awarded with “treats” – sweets and cakes, when you were “good”.  Your parents were were similarly given “treats” when they were young by their parents.  This is an ingrained energy pattern that has been conditioned into you, is not your energy.  Therefore if you were to give up having “treats” you would probably start to feel that you are doing some “wrong” and feel “bad” or sad.

This conditioned energy needs to be removed, so you have clarity to decide wether you want to loose weight and how you would like to loose weight.


4. Acceptance

Unless you have acceptance for yourself, you will always be in conflict with yourself, other people and the world.

For example – to Loose Weight

If you want to loose weight because you are unhappy with your body and you are always criticising yourself, than you are likely to fail – Because the unconscious beliefs and the conditioned energy you are caring will kick in and you will sabotage your efforts to loose weight.  To put this simply you will “treat” yourself to feel “better” about yourself.  Which is temporary because you often feel worse afterwards.

If you appreciate everything that your body does for you and you start to feel kindness and gratitude to your body – you will naturally start to take better care of your body and yourself.  You do not lie to yourself, you acknowledge the parts of your body that you would like to be in less pain or to have less fat and you thank them for doing what they are able to do in this moment and everything that they have done for you in the past.  You must be sincere.  You will then take positive action to loose weight as your higher self will bring information and help to you to do so.


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The Secret to achieving Your New Year’s Resolution

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