For the last four weeks I have been coaching the trainees and people that are part of the ‘Skull Fades Foundation’ for free.

‘Skull Fades Foundation’ gets people off the street and into a career!  

“This is a hand up, not just a hand out”,  as one person said.

This is an amazing and unique idea as it gives the people an instant opportunity to improve their lives and train as Barbers so that they can come independent and support themselves.

The abuse, neglect, hardship and emotional battering that the men and women in the Foundation have experienced has shocked me.  I did not think it would be possible to shock me after my background of working as an assistant psychologist in a psychiatric unit for young people.

Then on top of this is the hardship and loss of dignity of being homeless.  These are the people that have fallen through the net and not received help or the help that they need.  

They deserve to be supported and given the therapy and coaching they need to enable them to release the trauma and hurt to not only be able to function in their life but thrive.  

So far Ged has done everything by himself with some help from volunteers, which is amazing.  However it soon became obvious to both of us how much support the people in the Foundation need.  Ged cannot continue to do everything single handedly, there is only so much one man can do.

Can you support me to fund the coaching and therapy I am giving to the people in the Foundation which is based in Manchester, UK?  

I can afford to give a few hours week of my time for free, however what is really needed is a full-time therapist and coach.  I am so honoured to be a part of Skull Fades Foundation that I am willing to move back to the UK and work full-time in the foundation to make sure the people succeed.

If you can help me, help them please donate here (I will put a link to my PayPal to make it easier and quicker for the people to get their free gift)

To say thank you for your donation I will give you a free gift:

  • Under £10 a pdf about releasing stress.
  • £20 and over my “How to work with Energy” book in pdf
  • 0ver £100 my “The Key to Awareness, Break Free from all the Sh!t” book in any format you like.Over £300 a free coaching session with me.

Alternatively you can pay a donation straight into the Skullfades Foundation bank account in GBPs:

Account name: Skullfades Foundation

Account number: 16490668 

Sort code: 309890

Please email a copy of your transaction so I can send you your free gift.

If you know of an individual, business or corporation that can assist me help them please send them this information and a link to the Skullfades website

Be a Star and help me help Aron and the other members of Skullfades, donate today