What is causing you anxiety now?

Is what your anxious about happing now in this moment?


Think back to the last time you where anxious, or feeling anxiety?

Or are you feeling anxiety right now?  If you are anxious now try to do this,

was what you were thinking or feeling about happening in that moment?

I bet it wasn’t.

The reason why I am so sure of this is because if it was your body would go into the stress response and you would unconsciously start to fight (which in modern society often means that you become defensive, or argumentative, or angry or a combination of these) or you would run away.

Anxiety is ALWAYS about the future.


What you were thinking and feeling was a projection of what you think may happen in the future and you start to feel as if that is happening in the present moment.  So


How you stop being anxious is

by getting back into your body.


Being back in your body will:
– Bring you into the present moment.
– Give you a sense of space (rather than the tightness of just being in your head).
– Enable you to take control of your breathing


All of this will help you take control and see that what you are anxious about is not happening in the present.


With a few more breaths you may realise that what you were anxious about may not even happen in the future.


How to get back into your body.


Do my Grounding exercise


Click on the text above to download my Grounding exercises and other audios that will help.

These audios are the ones that people receive when they sign up to my website, however two of the tracks have recently been changed, they are very much worth listening too.

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