I often hear my clients say it is so difficult to be around my parents / siblings, “they don’t see me!”.
“Do you allow them to see you?” I reply to a then shocked face.
As an adult have you experienced that when you are with your parents and siblings you start behaving like you think they expect you to?  You may even feel like you did when you were a child? 
This is a common experience especially at Christmas time when we want to ‘keep the peace’.  So we change our behaviour to act out the roles that we think are expected of us; instead of being ourselves.  Have you ever notice that you do this?  Or has your partner or children asked you why you are acting ‘weird’?
You get conditioned by your parents and family and it is easy to get stuck in this conditioning when your with your family.
If you want people to see you, you need to show them who you are.  This means that you have to be and act like yourself around them.  To be someone else and to act out conditioning takes a lot of effort and is very tiring.  
Are you acting out roles in other areas of your life – with certain people / at work?
Be yourself and see how much more fun you can have.

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How to Survive Xmas!
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