What People


about working with me

"Working with Fiona was a new experience on a complete different level.

In her sessions I was able to connect with myself and keep my head out of it.

I’m so use to seeing the world through my head.

It was a completely new experience for me, that there is an inner voice who knows things, who knows what's good for me.

I was able to connect with this voice and this inner feeling.

Finally I found a way to accept myself and my body the way it is, as well I learned to be more patient and faithful with life.

I’m so grateful that I got the chance to meet and work with Fiona.”

Carina Bender, Germany

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“Our son has been experiencing extreme anxiety and OCD. This has had a massive effect on his whole life resulting in a loss of confidence and the inability to lead a normal life from day to day. He was unable to dress or shower without assistance and reassurance. Fiona recommended through a mutual friend and I made contact (initially I was fairly sceptical).

Fiona then spent an hour on a video call to our son, when he ended the call it was as if a light had been turned on that enabled him to function again.The transformation has been unbelievable and nearly 4 weeks later he hasn’t regressed.I don’t know how Fiona managed this but the call was ‘life changing’. To feel the anxiety lift here laughter in our house again, has been such a relief.”

Andrew, UK.

“It was a real pleasure to work with Fiona. The results of our sessions were truly inspiring. We worked on how I can use my energies to positively influence my outlook on life, my work and the people I come into contact with. I have seen a huge difference in how this has impacted my career and look forward to passing this good energy on to my clients. Thank you Fiona!”

Clint Singha, UK

Maude Audet Morin

“I saw few therapists in the past, but I could only identify the orign of my patterns but I would still feel stuck. I knew I needed to make life changing decisions, but I didn’t knew where to start but this is when Fiona came along!

With her guidance I could experience drastic changes in my daily life.Fiona is a genuine woman, direct and transparent with whom I always felt I could just be myself, even if sometimes you are in a very vulnerable place. She is much more than a therapist, she does a little bit of magic (I believe!) working with the energies. She made me understand but also feel things in a very simple and practical way which I could directly apply to my life and see the benefit of it. I am very grateful she came along my path, she really helped me to free myself. Thank you again and again Fiona”.

Maude Audet Morin, France.  

“Coaching with Fiona has transformed my way of being with myself and other people completely. Every session has led to such profound insights which helped me to dissolve old patterns of thoughts and emotions that I had been struggling with for a very long time. How lucky I am to having worked with this extraordinary woman!I definitely recommend anybody who feels stuck or wants to make changes in their lifes to work with Fiona. She always knows how to get to the root of your issues whilst being so pleasantly calm, respectful and loving.

Fiona, thank you for sharing your gift with me.”

Regina Kleinhenz, Germany. Systemic therapist and coach.

“Fiona session was an enlighting and inspiring one. I got from it the truth and insight that sometimes one knows but needs to hear from someone else.

But I got more: I got sincerity, and the challenge I needed, and I feel now days past that things have been moved and shifted. Thank you".

By Maria Veiga, London.

Counsellor, healer and author of ‘The Seven Lies of the Human Race’.

“Fiona is a wonderful woman. She works in a very special way. She gets, in a very short time, to the very centre of all issues. And the most important is that you have the answers to solve the root of all the problems. She helped me to understand in 3 hours, what are my problems in my life and how how I can solve them. I have all the answers. And this comes from her with much love and respect. Really brilliant. Thanks so much for this great work with you.”​

Daniela Brieske, Germany

“Fiona is one of the most talented coaches and healers that I came across so far. Within minutes she was able to clearly identity the absolute root causes of some patterns I have repeated endlessly for years.

Fiona helped me to release these patterns, old blockages and stress to recreate space for a more at ease, balanced and happy state. Truly & deeply thank you  <3”

Lyalana Elha, UK.

“Meeting and working with Fiona, for just one session over the phone I feel I have been given the tools to release all the guilt I have been carrying for the majority of my life.

Realising it wasn’t even mine in the first place, was a massive relief. I am now living my life in truly knowing I can be myself at last!

Fiona is amazing! for anyone who is going through many negative emotions, Depression, anger and pain in their body, should have I hour session with her.

I have downloaded her book Break Free from all the sh!t I will be reading it everyday.Thank you so much for coming into my life Fiona.”​

Eunice Kendall, UK.

Before my sessions with Fiona although I was struggling with physical and emotional pain, and although I had a much better understanding of myself than I’d ever had, I was still feeling a sense of pointlessness and confusion about my life.

Each of the sessions I’ve had has been really powerful, Fiona is excellent at listening and reassuring me that what I am feeling is completely okay. She has a great mix of scientific and energetic knowledge and expertise. The energy exercises in each session, although similar to ones I had practised before, were so much more powerful when guided by Fiona. 

I physically felt stuff leaving my body – very weird but wonderful. I have been practicing the energy grounding and clearing most days and quickly discovered how great it feels to actually be in my body. Shortly after the first session I was so energised I felt like running, which hasn’t happened in years! And now I am feeling the urge to really move my body and use it, rather than just being irritated with it for not keeping up with me.

It is hard to describe the effects of working with Fiona. It feels like something really subtle, yet profound, has changed, I feel so much freer to be myself, and less concerned about other people’s opinions – that was there already but not at such a deep level. There’s a sort of coming home feeling, it’s not different, almost as if nothing has really changed but I am more of who I really am.”

Alison Coates, Coach UK.