“I’m becoming more aware of myself and my capabilities thanks to you Fiona!”
Stuart Rideout, Dunstable, UK

“Fiona can see what you need and can help you resolve your issue quickly.  So that you can make the changes that you need”

Dr Adnan Al-Mesri Rodriguez
Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

“In just one session, Fiona helped me to clear a pattern that had been weighing me down for years. Fiona is both a powerful healer and the very essence of a new paradigm leader, someone who stands totally in her true power center, her heart.”

Carol Fitzpatrick, co-founder of Center for Planetary Awakening.

“I found the Key to Awareness manual very profound in lots of enjoyable ways. I have started to become a lot more aware of my thoughts and accompanying actions; which I soon became aware that they were just old beliefs and programming. Having the tools to change that thought so it is more aligned with who I really am, has made a huge difference to me. I have let go of lots of stuff! Being more consciously aware is amazing and is opening up so many doors, thank you so much.

Carl xx

“I have known Fiona for a couple of years now and seen how she has helped a great many people move to move forward in their lives. I have had a session with her myself and i can say she is a really talented and wonderful individual.

Jemma Prittie of Solar Events


“Thanks for the session the other day, I think it’s really done something… the feeling of having broken a cord is very very strong. Was working in (name of town removed) yesterday, and decided to go back to a place that in the past was associated with emotional pain. Now, nothing, just a faded memory, and only the good bits remain.”

Peter Stapleton

“I think you have reached a significant level, beyond my experience… Your level approaches miraculous and, maybe is, what Christ and early healers did, the ultimate, natural approach to healing.”


Malcolm, London, UK

“I learned some valuable stuff about myself, especially how I use my energy and the effect it can have on others!  My sense of well-being has increased and some old areas of tension have definitely begun to ease…. Very interesting!”

Jenni Jepson, Bungay, UK

“Fiona is a truly amazing women; she is like a diamond with many facets that when you look at each one, you see her individuality, her wisdom, her wisdom, her oneness with the universe and her compassion.  I had the honour of meeting her during a workshop in London, where she was insturmental at waking up our wisdom.

During one break, I worked with Fiona on listening to my body, hearing what it was telling me and recognising how I can use this in everyday life. And I have never looked back. It was a simple exercise to reconnect me to who I am.  Her knowledge and the ability to truly see people is a gift that everyone should experience in their lifetime.”

Emma Wheat
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC , ACC
ICF Accredited

“I value your clear and concise way of reading.

I also want to say that after talking with you on Saturday I felt that my heart centre was able to be much more open and that felt great and I think it was because you had shown me the way by being there yourself.”

Anne Smith ACC
Touchstone Coaching

“I could not help being impressed by Fiona’s acute sensitivity to prevailing problems and find her treatments profoundly relaxing and effective.”

Mr W. J. Taylor

“Thank you for the mini workshop on intuition you provided for my Development Group .
I was  particularly impressed by your technique for grounding people…. it is unbelievable because you can actually feel it working – unlike some visualisation techniques.”

Margaret Petts
Reiki Master / Teacher, Dunstable, UK

“It’s Fiona’s talents in the energy department that really blow me away. Feelings and thoughts that seem irresistibly strong, simply melt and give way to the calm that lies beneath with Fiona’s tools and techniques.

I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling out of balance in any way, on any level, physical, mental or emotional. She knows her stuff and will really help you deal with yours!”

Love Paul

“When I first met Fiona I had reached burn out physically and was trying to reconcile myself emotionally from having just suffered a stroke at the pinnacle of a highly successful and busy career.  I was in defeatist mode and felt no hope for the future.

In the space of one short month Fiona turned my life around.  Through the use of energy readings, quiet compassion and astute awareness of both my physical and emotional needs she has given me the necessary self knowledge and self awareness to equip me in dealing with all those ‘little’ and ‘big’ surprises that life seems to throw at you!”

V. Rademaker – SENCo,  novelist,  poet,  artist,  healer.