• Releasing emotions
  • Releasing stuck energy
  • Easing pain and tension in the body
  • Reducing stress
  • Starting the day with a fresh perspective.


Learning to meditate helped me release the anger and frustration I was feeling.  Even more amazing was the fact that I was not intending to do this, it was just a noticeable and very beneficial effect of meditating every day.


Meditation is about being:

  • Being where you are,
  • Being in the moment,
  • Accepting what is there inside of you.


Meditating is a great way of gaining awareness about your body, mind, and behaviour. 


There are many different ways to meditate that focus on different aspects of yourself and spiritual practices; there are far too many to try to cover them as part of this manual.  This is purely a very brief introduction to meditation that I know you will find useful.



Meditation Myths:

Meditation is about having no thoughts:

This is impossible. You will experience gaps of silence in your thoughts and they will come back. It is more about the quality of your thoughts. With practice your mind will quieten and you will have less mental chatter and habitual patterns of thought. You will start to have clearer more substantial thoughts, in that you will gain insight from them.


You have to believe in Buddhism or something spiritual, or yoga to meditate:

You do not need to believe in anything to meditate.  However, it is true that meditation is part of many spiritual traditions. 


You have to be a certain kind of person to meditate:

Anyone can learn to and benefit from meditating. The purpose of meditation is to be who you are and gain more awareness. Trying to be a certain way or be someone else is not what meditation is about.


To download “Golden Guidelines for meditation”, please right-click on the link below and select ‘Save Target As’

Golden Guidelines for meditation


To download an Awareness of Breathing Meditation, please right-click on the link below and select ‘Save Target As’

Awareness of Breathing Meditation


The Benefits of Meditating

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