Are you living the Life You want to Live?

If you are…

  • Stuck in your head replaying events from the past over and over again like a broken record
  • Stuck in fear or worrying about what will happen in the future
  • So busy planning for the future, you are not paying attention to what is happening right now

…then here’s the secret to ending the suffering:




Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions or that constant chatter in your mind?

Would you like to be at ease and emotionally balanced, confident in expressing your emotions?


“I found the Key to Awareness manual very profound in lots of enjoyable ways. I have started to become a lot more aware of my thoughts and accompanying actions; which I soon became aware that they were just old beliefs and programming. Having the tools to change that thought so it is more aligned with who I really am, has made a huge difference to me. I have let go of lots of stuff! Being more consciously aware is amazing and is opening up so many doors, thank you so much.”​

Carl Smith, UK.


Learn The Key to Awareness in the way that works for you

I’ve created a range of resources so you can learn in the way that suits you best. Follow these links to find out more about them.FREE_Front_cover130


If you’d like to find out more about the process,

check out “The Key to Awareness™” e-course


It is all you need to keep you motivated to become

Aware in just 21 days.


“The Key to Awareness™” is

a simple practical process that guides you in how to become more aware in your everyday life – in your business, work, relationships and health.

“The Key to Awareness™” process enables you to

  • Choose how you act rather than reacting
  • Go from being stressed to being calm quickly
  • Become more intuitive and decisive


All of this and more will be gained through learning “The Key to Awareness” process.


“The Key to Awareness” will guide you step by step to becoming aware of

what You are doing

what You want to do

and how to do it!


Part 1 of “The Key to Awareness™” process guides you step by step to becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Then you are guided in how you can enable your thoughts, emotions and actions to be more in align with your true self and be directed from your intuition. This is how you create the Life You want to Live.


Part 2 of “The Key to Awareness™” guides you through ‘exercises’ that enable you to release tension and conditioning: what is blocking you in your body and mind that has been created through unhelpful moods, conditioning and trauma.


If you’d like to find out more about the process, here’s

a preview of what’s in the manual.


this video is about how my process is

NOT the Law of Attraction!


Do you want to enjoy your life more?