The secret to Mental Health Resilience

and making lasting changes.

For lasting changes to happen the insight needs to be experienced. 

It is through experiencing the insight that it gets in to the unconscious mind and is embodied at a deep cellular level.

You might be thinking that it takes time to experience something new, but it can happen instantly.

I work with your energy, because what is happening in your energy is a direct result of what is happening in your unconscious mind. Therefore if we change your energy the conditioning / belief in your unconscious mind changes too. I can read your energy and I know when this change has happened. When you feel different you will know that the change has happened too.

Remember the story I told about Andrew, the young man with OCD? 

The devil

When he killed the monster and devil, which is what he saw and experienced the OCD as, he experienced he had defeated the OCD and that he was in control of his life.

Remember that I told you that he had had a shower by himself straight after the session, which is the first time he had done this in 6 months? He then told his dad, whilst crying “I have myself back, I am in control”.

This is the power of working with energy and the unconscious mind

If you would like to make lasting changes and make

your mental health more resilient