Feeling unhappy or not satisfied and Anxiety was the top two answers to “What is causing you the most pain?” in a survey that I am carrying out.  In my last newsletter I promised to write you a blog about how these are connected and how working with energy can help you (which was what most people who took part in the survey wanted more information on).


When you are happy life is good and your thoughts are uplifting.  Life seems easier and things go well.  Often when you are unhappy life is more difficult, your thoughts are less pessimistic or even negative.  Life can seem hard and it feels like nothing goes right.


Some people seem happier by nature than others; you know the type of person that always has a smile on their face, they believe that things will work out and no matter what life throws at them they still remain positive.


You may experience anxiety as a natural worry or uncertainty about something, money for example.  When you are anxious you are not generally happy.  If you experience anxiety as a crippling fear or panic, you are certainly unhappy and not satisfied.


Step 1 Awareness.

When you are anxious or unhappy you generally do not want to be in your body feeling what you are feeling.  Do not worry if you recognise this in yourself as society and probably your parents have taught you not be connected to your body.  Your coping strategy for being anxious and or unhappy may be to run around like a headless chicken trying to solve whatever you believe the problem that created your unhappiness and / or anxiety is.  Which often creates more anxiety and stress. Or it may be to distract yourself and do other things, like watch TV or drink alcohol.   


Furthermore, when you are anxious you will probably not be able to think clearly and gain clarity about the situation.  This reason for this is that you are probably not grounded or even in your body.  What I mean by this is that you thoughts and therefore your energy is probably with the person, situation or event that you are anxious about.  I wrote another blog about this, click here. 


If you are aware of your body you will notice that you are contracted, stiff and maybe in pain.  When you are contracted you stop your blood flowing freely around your body and you create energy blocks in your body.


The first thing you need to realise is that anxiety and being unhappy often cause each other and as I have explained effect your ability to feel, think and be present in your body.  Most people are contracted and anxious nearly all the time.


Write down why you are anxious and what you notice when you are anxious.  Write down your feelings and your thoughts.  You will need this in step three.  


Step 2 Connect with your inborn Happiness


The Dali Lama and other enlightened people say that happiness is within you, that it is always there and you can choose to connect with the happiness inside of you.  This is one of the reasons that I meditate each morning – to ground myself and connect with my inborn happiness within me.


To help you be connected to all of you, your inborn happiness, clear your energy and gain clarity Ground yourself using my grounding exercise.


Step 3 Clear your energy.

If this is difficult you can use other energy exercises to clear your energy and get it flowing in a healthy productive way.  One such exercise is “The Magnet in the Lake” exercise, click here.


When you feel you are more in your own energy, look back at what you wrote in step 1.  Ask yourself if these thoughts and feelings are yours?  Do not be surprised if you can no longer relate to them or if they do not feel true anymore.  This reason for this is that you have cleared other people’s thoughts and feelings out of your energy.


Then ask yourself if you feel anxious or unhappy?  If you do not that is great.


If you do sit with what you are feeling and sensing in your body and accept it, this means that you do not judge, criticise or analyse what you are sensing or yourself.  Stay with it as long as you can.  You may find that it completely changes.


Afterwards ask yourself if there is something that you need to do? 


Next Step

Another way to clear your energy and change the limiting thoughts that are creating your anxiety and resulting in you being unhappy is to work with your unconscious mind.  In my next blog I will teach you how to do this.

If you do not want to wait contact me today for a free consultation about how I can help you.

Three steps to Happiness

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