I love and appreciate you.


This is a message from my heart to yours.  The reason I do what I do is that I have experienced the pain of holding perceptions about myself and the world that do not serve me.


We are what we perceive ourselves to be.  The world is what we perceive the world to be.


This is not a complicated statement that requires you to understand the ins and outs of quantum physics – it is as simple as


If you believe that you cannot do something, you will most likely not even try.


If you do try, the believe that you cannot do it will sabotage your chances of success.


The strangest thing is that when this happens people often feel some satisfaction that they have ‘proved’ themselves right.  Holding perceptions like this and sabotaging your actions is keeping yourself SMALL!


What I mean by being SMALL is allowing what you think of you and allowing what other people think and expect of you to control what you do.  This mentality keeps you distracted from those nagging feelings that you have (maybe when you cannot get to sleep at night or when you awake during the night and stare at the ceiling) that you are not satisfied.


Have you ever felt like you are living someone else’s life?


At this time of great change most of us are feeling a level of discomfort and uncertainty at a higher level of intensity than we have ever felt.  This is no accident,

it is time to WAKE UP – it is time to be YOU.


Only you know who you are.


I used to think that I was being me when I felt really good inside and experienced everything as easy.  However, I have now experienced that sometimes showing up and being me feels really scary, uncomfortable and uncertain.


So how do you know that you are being YOU?


For me I feel heat in my hands, energy just pours out of them (this is happening as I type this).  I literally feel aligned with source and motivated to do what ever it is I am doing or sense I need to do.  Yes, it often does feel like I need to do something.


If you do not know what being you is like, look back at your life and look for times when you have found yourself doing something that made little or no intellectual sense to you.  How did that feel?  What did you sense in that moment?  What led you to doing what you found yourself doing?


I am here to help you be you 


You are here to help me be me


Let me know how I can help and join in this conversation.  You can post your comments below or email me directly at fiona@realenergy4all.com

Time to be YOU
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One thought on “Time to be YOU

  • April 5, 2012 at 8:45 am

    Hallo Fiona! OH this was as usually so in right time I got this from you.
    since I come from Hawaii, everything is opside down.I think I am in the same limmitation as always.Everyday I use tools to be more awere. I mostly sleep,I understand that I create my life. I have only a few clients and no work so I ….Ok same same.I meditate and ask my boddy how to be, recieve and do to change my situation.
    You know when everything falling appart.I feel that I do all things but wy can,t I fix it.
    This is just a point of wiev offcurse! Thank you for beeing you Fiona!
    Have a nice Easter! Kim Carlsson


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