Transformational Coaching with Fiona Maguire


About you, You…

  • Need to and want to Break Free of an ‘Issue’, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Stress Quickly.
  • Blocked and not creating your vision.
  • Stuck and not enjoying life.
  • Look at your life and ask yourself “Is this it?
  • Believe that your life is in balance, yet don’t experience any real highs or lows

If you are relating to any of these you will benefit very much from having a session with me.



I can Break You Free 

Quickly, as I am able to see what is at the core of your ‘Issue’, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Stress. 

My secret is that I help you understand how ‘your’ mind and thus ‘your’ life really works.  You get to experience and live who you really are, which brings you Happiness, Peace, Creativity and much more.

I work with all of your structures – mental, emotional, physical and energetic to achieve

Long lasting changes and you get to create the Life you Love to Live.


“From working with Fiona I am now able to tap into my own creativity, when I choose. I feel less at the mercy of my emotions and I am able to handle life in a calmer, more measured way.”

Sofia, London.  


The Benefits of Working with me.

  1. Break Free of your issue / struggle / pain / past / block Quickly.
  2. I teach you how NOT to recreate your ‘issue’.
  3. Have the Confidence and Freedom to be who you really are.
  4. Tap into your Creative Force and Unlimited Potential and know how to. 
  5. Have Love, Happiness and Freedom in yourself and in your relationships, PLUS…

Don’t take my word for it, see what a client had to say..

“The amount of money that I have spent on coaching, then you come along and with a few session have pinpointed my issues and cleared them! It is fantastic, amazing. I have never met anyone like you you are great.”

Iona, London.  


What working with me is like:

  • We will talk about what you are experiencing now.
  • I deeply listen to you and reflect back to you what you said.  Clients often say this is the first time they have really heard themselves.
  • I ask you questions that guide you to your own insights and uncover your Inner Wisdom.
  • I guide you through exercises and work with all your structures – your mind – conscious, unconscious thoughts, emotions, physical body, behaviour and energy.
  • I keep you focused on what you want to achieve from working with me.  This is what one client said “the sessions are very focused on results rather than analysis of the issue”.

The following is what a client said were the three most impactful results she has achieved since working with me:

Hushna Pritpaul
Hushna Pritpaul

“1. The understanding of energy, what is and how our own energy can affect us.
2. When you said that I was 3 persons was a shock, but I understand now what you meant.
3. Oneness, what is and how we are connected, I get that now.”

Hushna Pirtpaul, Portugal.


The Benefits of having a Coaching Package

  1. A free copy of my book “The Key to Awareness; BREAK FREE from all the Sh!t” in print or PDF.
  2. Recordings of each session
  3. A summary email of each session
  4. Email support between sessions if you need it
  5. If you are in crisis or having a hard time, you can call me once during your package and we will have a brief talk to help you gain Clarity and Move Forward.


Free Consultation

I highly recommend that you have a free consultation with me to discuss your needs and how I can help you.  The consultations are mostly via the phone or internet.


Fiona’s 5 stages of Transformational Coaching

Fiona’s 5 stages of Transformational Coaching

The 5 stages are not linear; that is you might start with 1 than go to 3 and than come back to 2. It all depends on what you want to achieve and where you are stuck.

Most people complete all 5 stages within a coaching package of six sessions and some people need more.

1.Gain a deeper understanding of where you are –

I will help you see what thoughts and emotions you have that are contributing to the pain / issue / problem / situation in your life right now.  This exploration brings many “aha” moments.  With this new awareness you are empowered to make different choices.

2. Letting go –

Of any painful memories that are effecting you now.  Plus letting go of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energy and behaviour patterns that are conscious and unconscious so you can become more of who You Really Are.     

3. Clearing and setting your own energy –

I will do this for you and I will teach you how to do this.  The purpose is to realign you with who you Really are and give you the strength and confidence to move forward.

4. Connecting you to your Intuition and Higher self –

To enable you to gain more access to your inner knowing, truth and inner resources.  You will understand how the mind Really works and how you Create your Life.

5. Moving forward –

Creating the life You Love to Live, by being in your Real Energy and thus being your true self.

“Fiona truthfully listens and cares, she knows what is needed and applies her knowledge in a kind and really efficient way, she fixes the problems and teaches you to prevent the causes by yourself. This is Fiona working and the results are impressive. I can say no more, but I do feel that Fiona’s work goes beyond what I might presently understand. Thank you!

Pedro Seixas, Lisboa.  


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