If you need a Solution NOW.

I have the answer for you with my Intensive Transformational sessions, which are tailor made to Break You Free when you need a solution now.


Do you need

  • A solution now?
  • To Break Free of what is holding you back?
  • Gain clarity and focus?
  • Become unstuck, happy and know how to move forward ?
  • Time to rest and Space to connect with you?

In your Transformational Coaching conversations with me you will gain the insights to have your solution now.


What I am offering:

  • To Break you Free of all your limited ideas and thinking that has kept you stuck  
  • Transformative coaching to guide you through the process of discovering what you want to create in your life
  • An idyllic setting with spectacular views to rest


Open the doors, To blow away your limiting ideas.

The view out of one of my windows, where you will be staying.


Optional extras I am offering:

  • Guided meditations and teachings on how to meditate. 
  • Guided walks in nature – mountains, valleys, beach, forest and quaint villages all outside my front door.
  • Transport to the beaches.
  • Deep Tissue Massage


What you get:

  • A tailored program to Break you Free and have your solution now.
  • You get to stay in my home for at least one day. Two days and three days programs with accommodation are also available.
  • Food and refreshments during the day.











My home


For more information contact me

by phone or email.


You can arrange a free conversation with me to explore what is the best option for you to gain a solution now.


I can Break You Free.