Treatment for anxiety

Treatment for anxiety

Be Free and Happy NOW​

You can overcome your Anxiety with my Unique treatment for Anxiety

and Break Free of what creates your anxiety and keeps you stuck.

I am a psychologist and intuitive coach. I can intuitively see what happened and why you are anxious. This enables me to free you from the anxiety quickly. With me you do not need to spend years digging up your past and reliving the pain.

To break you free of your anxiety I will assist you in changing the thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns that keep you stuck in anxiety. To make sure that you do not recreate the anxiety I will remove the emotional charge within you that creates your habitual feelings of panic and dread. I am able to do this because I work with all aspects of you - mentally, emotionally, physically and your energy - which is your genetics, your conditioning (what your parents taught you about yourself and the world) and how you see and relate to yourself and the world.  This treatment for anxiety is unique as I created it.

You do not have to be paralysed by anxiety anymore, You can live the life you deserve to.


I met Fiona recently. It was a good, clear and interesting session. As a healer myself, I must say her combination of applications were spot on and I felt comfortable and empowered during and after the session. Thanks Fiona you are a star! I highly recommend her services to anyone who require expertise. Love Velda

What working with me is like:

  • We will talk about what you are experiencing now.
  • Through asking you questions you will understand what creates your anxiety and keeps you stuck. This gives you the motivation and the awareness you need to be free of anxiety.
  • I teach you tools to let go of your thought, emotional and behavioural patterns that cause you anxiety.
  • You will create healthy patterns that break you free of anxiety.
  • If needed I will help you overcome any painful memories that are effecting you now. Most people usually have only one or two past experiences that contribute to the anxiety they are experiencing now.
  • I work with all aspects of you, using a variety of therapeutic modalities, to completely free you of the anxiety.

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The benefits of working with me and what we will do to help you live the life you deserve to:

Release old emotion and pain: you cannot move forward if you are still carrying the weight the past.

Stop replaying old memories: like a broken record, memories can continually replay, adding to your downward mood.

Learn new ways to deal with emotions and stress: you can’t change your present if you simply repeat the patterns of the past.

Recognise and celebrate your strengths: right now, you might not know you have them but you do. We will draw them out and highlight them.

Build more supportive relationships: if your relationships do not affirm your new path, they will make it harder to stay on it.

Goal setting and knowing what you really want: the fog of depression can make it extremely difficult to succeed. We will set goals that you can achieve.

You will find out what your real dreams are: You are not stuck there is something burning away inside of you that wants and needs to be expressed.

Emma Wheat

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC , ACC, ICF Accredited

I worked with Fiona on listening to my body, hearing what it was telling me and recognising how I can use this in everyday life.  And I have never looked back.  It was a simple exercise to reconnect me to who I am.  Her knowledge and the ability to truly see people is a gift that everyone should experience in their lifetime.

Why work with me:

help anxiety

I have been working as a therapist for over 18 years. I was born with a high level of intuitive perception which enabled me to see and feel all aspects of a person and what in them is healthy and serving them and what is causing them problems and pain. Working as a psychologist and counsellor I would see people overcome their problems and issues only to recreate them, because some of their patterns and energy that created the problem were still active. So I studied more therapeutic methods including NLP, Coaching, Cranial sacral Therapy, Stress Management and Trauma Resolution and created a unique therapeutic and coaching method that works with all aspects of you. My method will break you free of your issue or problem and stop you from recreating it.

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How many sessions do I need:

It normally takes people six sessions with me to break free from their anxiety and most importantly learn how not to recreate the anxiety.

The Benefits of having a Coaching Package of six sessions:

  1. A free copy of my book “The Key to Awareness; BREAK FREE from all the Sh!t
  2. in print or PDF.
  3. Recordings of each session
  4. A summary email of each session
  5. Email support between sessions if you need it
  6. If you are in crisis or having a hard time, you can call me once during your package
  7. and we will have a brief talk to help you can Clarity and Move Forward.

Cost of Coaching Package of six sessions:

I work face to face with individuals and couples in Lisbon and Colares, Portugal and online via zoom.

For people in Portugal cost is 650 euros and £650 for everyone else, to work with an individual.