On Monday I got told that both of the clinics that I work from, offering people physical and emotional therapies are closing down with immediate effect.  I was shocked, confused and uncertain.  My client arrived before I even had time to organise the then empty room so that I could give him a clinical sports massage.  At that moment I needed to put what I was feeling to one side and get on with work.


Uncertain Feelings? 

I am sure that there are lots of people that are experiencing similar things to what I have been, and to some extent still am, feeling.  Even though I have experienced an up and down number of clients coming to see me and it seems harder to attract new ones, I have continuously felt that things will get better.  I can honestly tell you that I did not know what I felt on Monday or Tuesday of this week.  


However, I was prepared to allow myself to feel all of my uncertain emotions and accept them.  I am normally a person who knows what they feel with clarity; so not knowing was very scary.  Furthermore, the few times in my life that this had also happen were reignited with force!


Acceptance through Awareness 

What I realised was that I was able to accept the uncertainty of not knowing what I was feeling; through this acceptance I was able to stay connected with the authenticity of my true self.  From this place I had a sense of the calmness and depth of my being- that I am a living, breathing, moving being of love.


We are in uncertain times that are changing quicker than they have ever have done before.  The only thing that helps me get through this time and help others is to stay grounded and centered in my truth.


My truth I believe is the same as the truth of the universe, which also makes it your truth…


That Truth is that we are all living, breathing, moving beings of love and it is this love that sparks our enthusiasm with life and awakens our spirit of joy, freedom, happiness and more love.


Be the change you want to see in the world.

Love yourself, love your life and love the people in your life with all the enthusiasm that you have inside of you because everything is changing.  If we all do this, the change will be the change you want to see in the world Because you will be the change you want to see in the world!


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Uncertain Times
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