For me one of the quickest ways to gain clarity is to ground.

For me grounding feels like I am in full contact with myself, with the earth and I feel like I am part of the earth.

Furthermore, my head is clear and I feel stable and strong.


It is my experience that people:

  • Do not spend enough time practicing how to ground
  • Do not feel that grounding is important
  • Do not know when they are or are not grounded

For these reasons I am going to start with what grounding is not.


What Grounding is not:

  • Not leaving your body
  • Not floating
  • Not daydreaming
  • Not closing down
  • Not ‘playing’ memories in your head
  • Not acting out old habits


Grounding is:

  • Being aware of your body
  • Being aware of the energy in your body
  • Feeling the wholeness and togetherness of your body
  • Feeling the earth
  • Feeling part of the earth
  • Opening up


Why else is grounding important:

  • You can gain more awareness of your feelings
  • You to gain the message from the feeling (for more information)


To learn how to ground and receive more free energy and inspiration leave your details with me at

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