Let me share with you how I went from being so tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open to being energised, focused and having clarity in less than 10 minutes. 

I was in Dublin Airport after spending three days in a hotel on a business coaching course.  The course was full on from 8.30am to 5pm on Friday and Sunday and 9pm on Saturday.  I was the one being coached and I think that this was even more tiring than running the course!

My flight was delayed by an hour!  So after rushing around to get to the airport on time I had more than a complete hour to sit alone at the gate.  I felt ok that I was tired but what was getting to me was that I was also starting to feel miserable.  

So I took out my ipod and put on some tunes.  Unusally this only made me feel more tired.  I was just about to put my ipod away when I had the idea of listening to the recording of my own Grounding exercise.  At first this seemed a funny idea, why would I want to listen to myself!

Use to listing to my inner guidance I pressed play and done what I, via the ipod, was telling me to do.  

It was great my mind was busy listening to and following the instructions and my body just deeply relaxed into the grounding exercise.  

At the end I turned of the ipod, placed it back in my bag, got out my work book from the course and done a whole hours work.  Just like that, it was easy!

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