Our problems are created because we believe we do not have choices.  


We can think / feel like we have to do certain things and act in certain ways.  This comes from us identifying with something, believing that we are a certain type of person that has a defined role that we have to keep so that our life and the life’s of those around us can be safe and secure.


In another words we allow 

what we identify with to define who we are, 

where we are going and 

what we can expect from life.


If you feel at ease and are happy than great this is working for you.


If you feel uneasy, stuck, sad or unsatisfied- 

you are not choosing your life.  


Our identities are often formed by our conditioning; that is what other people have told us about ourselves and the world.


The way out of this is to connect with 

what really brings joy into your being 

and ignites your passion.  


If it is difficult for you to know what this is, you will benefit from clearing your conditioning (which I would also call your energy) and looking to see if what you believe is really what you believe and is part of your values.


For away to help you see another perspective click here and wait to see my new blog next week! 

We all have choices in life.

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