This post is about how you get what you desire / want.


You might be sitting there thinking “I do not bother with New Year’s Resolutions or trying to make changes as they never work”.  


One of the main reason why people find it hard to make changes is that they unconsciously, or even consciously, sabotage themselves. 

Do you recognise this? 

Do you sometimes, or often, sabotage yourself?


The reason why people sabotage themselves is because

they do not Really Want to change!  


This is perfectly understandable and a natural response, so stay with me why I explain why you may do this and how you can stop doing it.


The unconscious minds role 

is to protect you and keep you safe.  As soon as you start to think about making changes the unconscious mind will activate a response in the your body.  If you are a person who sabotages themselves this is likely to feel like fear or nervousness – depending on how much the change threatens your comfort zone.  


Your comfort zone 

may be very limited and control (nothing much changes in your life) or it may be more open and free flowing (You are happy to go with the flow and for things to change).



Most of your actions, thoughts and feelings have been taught to you by your parents when you were young.  For example your parents taught you how to brush your teeth and when to brush your teeth.  Your parents also might have taught you that the world is a scary place and you need to keep yourself safe and secure.  Or they may have taught you that the world is a safe place that is full of adventures to be explored.  Or even a combination of the two depending on the risks involved. 


Knowing what You Really Want can be difficult

Your comfort zone is often a result of your conditioning and this is why knowing what you Really Want can be difficult.


How to know what You Really Want and

therefore achieve what you desire 


  1. Find a quiet place where you can be by yourself without being disturbed.
  2. Sit and relax into your body. 
  3. Gain some clarity.


A great way to do these three things is to do my Grounding exercise that you can download free – put your name and email in the sign-in box on the right hand side of this page and you will receive the download straight away.


What do you want in 2017?
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