I have had one of those weeks!!!

You know a week where you feel really pushed to your limit, do you know what I mean?

When I told people what was going on, because I needed their help, their response often was “Ah that’s really bad luck”.

But does luck have anything to do with Life, Love, Happiness?

Do you create your own luck?

What happen is that I lost a friend’s car key, it would of been a lot easier if it was mine.

Chaos and panic set in!

And then I dropped my less than 6 month old iPhone down the toilet!

If you know me then you know that I do not normally do things like this.  I have to admit my first reaction both times was “you Bl**dy idiot!”.  

My second reaction was what can I do to sort this out?

Watch the video to see what happened.

Watch video
Watch video

I have had a lot of insights into myself and the true nature of life during this week.

I also had a client this week say to be “I have set the intention and when it happens, I will do it all the time.  Then I will fall in love with the Creator”.  

My response to him was “What if it is the other way around?”.

Today I realised that I had been tempted to: 

1. Put me first 

2. Fall completely into reactive Stress  

3. Cause a drama

Even when I know that Stress is sustained by the story I tell myself.  

Put another way Stress is only bad if I feel sorry for myself and believe that ‘I do not have the ability or the resources to cope’, which is the definition of stress.

However if Stress is only a thought and I am standing in my Real Self knowing that I AM Limitless and Oneness, then stress is ONLY a physiological reaction in the body.

Nothing has to go right, which often means my way, for me to Trust in Life.


Because I am, you are, everyone is Life.

Be the Life Force that you are and Create the Life You Love to Live.

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Whats Luck got to do with it?

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