Do you

  • Have a chronic pain or illness?
  • Feel low or depressed?
  • Feel sick of being stuck?

 If you do you are in the right place.


Would you like to 

  • Stop going around in circles?
  • See yourself and life differently?
  • Have a sense of purpose and direction?
  • Connect with your inner knowing to move you forward?
  • Be able to express your emotions clearly and beneficially?




Get your oomph back!


To ease your pain -physical, mental or emotional pain, connect with yourself and get your zest back for life put you details in the sign-in box to get instant access to download the free 3 audios now.


Im Fiona Maguire, I am a person who is aware and comfortable with what I feel and who I am. I have not always been this way and have experienced IBS, two bouts of “depression’ and an identity crises as I came to grips with my sexuality. In my life I have gone from growing up in an Irish Catholic family to being a Buddhist, Bisexual women. The first bout of ‘depression’ was whilst I was struggling at University. For about two months I swung from being wildly sociable and happy to very low and tearful. One morning I woke up and I wanted a joint. At that moment I asked myself ‘Who is it that wants a joint?”. “Not me” I thought. I was shocked, for the last two months It was like I had been living someone’s life that was determined to self destruct. This was my turning point and a realization of the power of awareness.


My own life struggle has taught me the importance of accepting and being myself.  My mission in life is to assist you to let go of your emotional baggage so you can feel the love,  joy and a zest for life that comes from accepting and being yourself.


This is what a Dr has to say about working with me:


“The reason why I am working with Fiona is because she is extremely intuitive, knowledgeable, and ethical. I know that I can trust her to work with me safely and responsibly. She is very honest and direct which I like very much. For me it is important that Fiona has a background in psychology as well as her training in Energy NLP. I also very much enjoy to get to know her as a person through our work.”

Dr Ulrike Nau-Dabor


To let go of emotional baggage and accept yourself you will learn to release the past, stop worrying, stop over analysing and remove mental and emotional blocks.  I have unique methods for doing this that work quickly and effectively.  The best part is that during the coaching process, 1 to 1 or in groups, I teach you how to do this yourself.  Two of these tools are in the free audio downloads you will receive when you sign-up.


Start clearing your emotional blocks today by using the 3 free audios you can download by putting your details in the sign-in box.


These audio tracks are from the process I created and book “The Key to Awareness, How to Act rather than React”.  The purpose of this process is for you to go from Stress, Overwhelm and Frustration to Clarity, Focus and Direction as you become Aware.


 Look at this video to give you an idea of the benefits of the ‘grounding’ audio.


The benefits of the 3 free audio tracks are:

  • Ease mental chatter and emotional turmoil
  • Live in the present moment and stop worrying
  • Be energised
  • Gain Clarity and Focus
  • Move forward productively


Gain instant access to the 3 free audios now:

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