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I have been teaching this process for 4 years now and wrote the first edition of the manual in 2011.  In 2012 I facilitated a course in “The Key to Awareness” process over a period of 5 weeks and used the manual as an essential teaching tool.  I asked the participants to tell me their levels of health and stress and what had changed in their lives as a result of following the process before, during, 2 weeks and 6 months after the course.  All the participants, even 6 months after the course, had continued to grow in these benefits:


  • Significantly reduced stress and anxiety levels.
  • Greater self-esteem, self-worth and self-acceptance.
  • More confidence and more assertiveness.
  • Much less, if any, rumination (which has been a major predictor of relapses of depression). 
  • Much less emotional reactivity and more emotional intelligence.


I learnt what parts of the process could be misunderstood and I have hopefully made them clearer.  I have highlighted some of these points below to reinforce what is written in the manual.



This manual is all you need, however I encourage you to get support: at least talk to a freind and if possible go through the process together, come to one of my talks (I am willing to organise giving a talk to you and your community), attend a “The Key to Awareness” course or have one to one coaching with me.


“The Key to Awareness” process and Mindfulness

All the benefits of Mindfulness, and more, can be achieved from following Part 2 of this process and easily implemented into your life.  Furthermore the courses that I have facilitated  have shown that these benefits are achieved quickly through following “The Key to Awareness” process.


What enhances “The Key to Awareness” process from Mindfulness is that Part 1 of this process brings you to a mental and physical understanding of the interactions between your thoughts, emotions, actions and conditioning within the normality and activity of your everyday life.  It helps you understand why you have been doing some of the things that you have been doing even though they do not work for you.  Most importantly the process helps you change thoughts, emotions, behaviour and conditioning that does not serve you, to those that create the life that you want to live very quickly.  


In other words you are able to tune into your inner guidance and Pure Awareness during the activity, stress and hustle of your everyday life; rather than being dependent on constantly  meditating to achieve this. 




All the steps in Part 1 and the exercises in Part 2 of the manual need to be followed and practiced for you to gain an understanding of and experience of what awareness and true acceptance are.  True acceptance is gain through a change of mental attitude and activity and a physical knowing that you are in acceptance.  In the words of one of the participants:


Understanding true acceptance.  Instead of thinking ‘I accept’, knowing I accept”. 


To make this easier I have added an Acceptance exercise to give you a tangible experience of the importance and power of acceptance.


Awareness and acceptance will bring you into Pure Awareness where you can create the Life you want.



Pure Awareness

You are in Pure Awareness when you listen to the inner guidance of your true self and you allow yourself to know what to do intuitively, without the need to do anything or be anything.  This is a completely different way of being than the ‘doing state’ that is so conditioned into us by western society.


Remember that it takes a journey for you to come to live in Pure Awareness and I wholeheartedly encourage you to do all the steps in Part 1 and practice all the exercises in Part 2.



Clearing energy

You can clear a thought, belief or emotion by clearing the energy that holds it in place.  However, it is the job of your unconscious mind to keep you safe and it will recreate thoughts, beliefs and emotions that it believes keep you safe.  This is why people say “I have worked on it by clearing its energy, but it just keeps coming back”.


Therefore it is very important that you obtain your conscious and unconscious mind’s permission to clear it, otherwise it will just come back.  I strongly believe that the only way to clear a thought, belief or emotion is to be aware in the moment of how it feels (which tells you why it is there) and how it effects you.  For example, when you are aware that you feel fear because your body and mind are telling you that there is danger which may be real or perceived, you can stay present in your body  by breathing and calmly notice what is around you.  You may then realise that the fear is real and you do need to take action; or that the fear is one that you perceive and that there is no need to react.  Awareness is often all that is needed to change a thought, belief or emotion and clear the old energy, so that it never comes back.  See the energy clearing exercise in Part 2 of this manual.  I also teach people other methods of doing this.



Misperception of awareness and how you live your life being aware.

What I noticed was that people wanted to hold onto trainings and beliefs that they had learnt even when they had noticed they did not work, though following the steps in “The Key to Awareness” process.  An example of this is that a few of the participants would spend minutes to hours, even days, trying to remember or analysing what caused their thoughts or emotions, rather than following the process.  “The Key to Awareness” process asks you to notice what is happening in the moment, tune into your inner guidance and if needed take action in the moment.  The process enables you to do this step by step and positively discourages analysing, which often leads to procrastination and confusion. 




The ego is very much like your unconscious mind, in that its main job is to protect you.  The ego can be viewed as if it has two parts to it, a part that tells us good things about ourselves and a part that tells us bad things.  Being aware does not mean that you have no ego, the ego is an essential part of your being and needs to be accepted and integrated into your being.  


Do not dismiss what you may perceive as your ego, instead pay attention to how you feel; see ‘The truth of feelings’ section below.


The Science behind why “The Key to Awareness” works.

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