How did all the media and stories of women who have made a difference make you feel this week?

Where you inspired and empowered?

Or where you left feeling inadequate, not good enough?


Women have been conditioned since the time we lived in tribes to think that they can never do something right, that they are wrong and that something is wrong with them.

I often notice myself questioning if what is or has happened is my fault, which is much better than before, as I use to presume it was my fault.

Are you aware of a feeling of uneasiness?

Most women admit to themselves that they have this sense. Some women are acutely aware of often feeling super alert and on edge or even paralysed from fear that they are in danger and that something bad can happen at any time. All of these fears have been imprinted in us women since birth and stem from when we lived in tribes. The reason for this is that in the tribes you could be stolen, sold or beaten anytime by a man in your tribe or by another tribe. Therefore you needed to be alert because your life depended on it. The fears and conditioning became so strong because what happened to you was out of your control.

The tricky thing about conditioning is that your unconscious mind will jump in at any time and make decisions for you believing that it is keeping you safe. Because this is so automatic and unconscious you act out these conditioning and fearful behaviours without ever questioning what you are doing. Then you start to believe the conditioning – that you are wrong, that there is something wrong with you, you are not good enough and there are more of these limiting conditioned beliefs.

This is not just for women

Men are effected by conditioning to. I work with couples and it is very insightful and beneficial for them to understand each others conditioning and needs. As they say sometimes it can seem that “women are from venus and men are from mars”.


The Good News

I can help you see how this conditioning has got hold of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. When you work with me we will:

  • Erase the limiting beliefs
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are
  • Connect you more to your higher self and inner wisdom for you to gain more access to your truth and inner resources.
  • How to be your true self – integrating spirt and being a physical body on a physical planet.
  • Moving forward in your life being your true self.


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Women’s Conditioning

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