There are a lot of different theories about what is the unconscious mind and how does it work.  There are still many things that are unknown about the unconscious mind.  However, everyone agrees that the unconscious mind is very powerful and effects us. 


In this blog I am going to concentrate on why working with your energy is a direct and powerful way to work with your unconscious mind and therefore transform your life.  I am going to concentrate on one particular aspect of the unconscious mind to demonstrate why this is.  In future blogs I will write more about how the unconscious mind works.



Your unconscious mind is a store house for all your experiences, memories and beliefs.  When I worked as an assistant psychologist and counsellor, one of the main aims of therapy was to bring people to an understanding of how and why they created their beliefs.  The reason for this is that our actions and behaviour are driven by our beliefs.  Psychologist often believe that once someone has an understanding of why they created the belief that is driving the behaviour that needs to be changed they are more capable of changing the behaviour.  In my experience as a therapist it can take someone along time to understand their beliefs.  Furthermore gaining an understanding was often not enough to create a change in the person’s behaviour.  These were two of the main reasons I stopped training to become a doctor in psychology.


It is important to be aware of your beliefs. Your beliefs that most effect you were created when you were a child.  These beliefs are stored in the unconscious mind, as I said above.  When these beliefs are triggered they are often carried out unconsciously.  This means that you do not even think about what you are doing, never mind questioning why you are doing it.  


It is also helpful to understand that because you created these beliefs as a child, they are probably NOT serving you as an adult.


Working with Energy and the Unconscious mind.


Your unconscious mind works using symbols and pictures rather than words.  When I work with energy I access the information from your unconscious mind.  I use energy to work with the unconscious minds pictures and symbols to clear the beliefs from all aspects of your being.  You are then clear mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically to decide what beliefs you want to have that will enable you to choose your behaviours.  Rather than unconsciously repeating old patterns of behaviour that do not serve you.


A process to work with the unconscious mind.


In western culture the unconscious mind has often been viewed as the enemy – something that works in the background to sabotage your conscious desires and your conscious thoughts.


Wether you believe this or not it is important that you make friends with your unconscious mind.  In the exercise below I am going to show you how to do this.  Remember to be playful like a child and have a sense of humour.  If you think nothing is happening, image it is and be playful: 


  • Sit comfortably and relax.  To help you do this take a few deep breaths.  Relax the top of your head, jaw, pelvis and feet.
  • If your unconscious mind had a symbol what would it be?
  • Allow whatever symbol comes to your mind to come.
  • See / sense the symbol out in front of your body about 2 or 3 meters away.
  • Talk to your unconscious mind, represented by the symbol.
  • Apologise to your unconscious mind for every getting upset or angry at it – which means you got upset with yourself.
  • Ask your conscious and unconscious mind to work together with your inner wisdom, higher self and Spirit.


Have fun and tell me how this exercise was for you in the comments below.


If you would like help with this exercise or anything that I have written about please contact me.

How to work with your unconscious mind.

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