What do you suffer with:

  • Do you do something that drives you crazy that you wish you didn’t do?
  • Maybe you can not let go of your past, or emotions from your past?
  • Maybe you have an illness, diagnosis or pain which you suffer with, or it holds you back?


You probably think that have tried everything and nothing has worked or brought lasting benefits and change.


I have been a therapist for over 21 years.  My degree is in Psychology and I worked as an assistant psychologist and a counsellor for a few years after my degree.  In this time I got very frustrated people did not get well, or that they would relapse.  I wanted to understand why this was and how I could help people not suffer anymore and be well.


You see the problem with Psychology, Counselling and many other therapies is that they are based at the level of thought.  The therapist believes that through you taking, gaining insights and understanding yourself you will be able to make changes.  However in my experience most people cannot make this leap from conscious understanding to real life change.


Understanding why your dad beat you up may help you to feel better in the moment but it probably will not take away the behaviours, like being defensive, aggressive or introverted, that you developed to help you cope when you were a child.  These behaviours are buried in your unconscious mind, you may not even be aware of them yourself.  It is your unconscious mind that stores up from memoirs, conditioning and beliefs from the past and determines what you see and believe about yourself, work, life and everything.


The good news

is that I can work directly with your unconscious mind at the level where the suffering and pain where created and survive.  I do this by working with your energy and teaching you how to work with your energy and unconscious mind.


For real life changes to happen

you need to experience the change in your unconscious mind and in your body.


One way I help you do this is by helping you to change a memory of an event that has been stored in your unconscious mind.  I help you gain more conscious insight about how the event has conditioned you to behave.  Then the magic happens and I help you feel, see and experience the event differently. 


By experiencing the memory differently you actually change your cellular memory of the event and with it all the conscious and unconscious beliefs you made up about the world because of the event.  You will then see yourself differently and have different beliefs about yourself and therefore you will be able to act differently in the future and create different results. 


This works for two main reasons:

  1. What you remember is just that your memory and probably not what actually happened.
  2. Your unconscious mind is always in the present moment and therefore does not know the difference between reality, which is just your memory in this case, and what you imagine to be reality.


Do not worry I can tell if this has happened or not, as I can see if your energy has changed.  I also take the time to ask you questions so you can recognise that you feel, think and believe differently.


If you would like to stop suffering contact me today

and we can arrange a free consultation for you to find out more about how I can help you.

You don’t need to suffer anymore.
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