Most people feel good, uplifted and free in nature.  I believe this is because in nature we get in touch with what we really are.  We know, like the plants and the trees in the forest  know that they are an individual plant or tree, also know that they are part of the forest and that they are interdependent on the forest’s ecosystem (and the ecosystem of the planet).  


The plant lives its full potential by sending roots down to the ground and growing leaves to gain nutrients to grow.  The plant’s spirit guides it to do this and it never doubts or questions its potential.  When the plant is about to die it is at ease and peaceful as it has fulfilled its potential, to grow, and it transforms into another part of the forest’s ecosystem.


It is easy to see a greater intelligence / life force / energy operating in nature and keeping everything in balance and harmony.  This life force is in everything and is everything.


I believe that we have a lot to learn from nature …


When we are in nature we get a sense that we too are individuals and at the same time interdependent on everything else.  We can get a sense of our own life force / energy and know that we too are part of the greater intelligence / life force / energy that is in everything and is everything.


I am sharing this with you as it has always given me a sense of calmness and peace to know that I am not alone and that the life force that moves through me also moves through everything else connecting us all and supporting us all.  


Franklin Sills summed this up for me when he said “We are all energy in Flux”.  I sighed, my body relaxed and my heart felt uplifted when he said this; because I no longer needed to worry about making the right decisions and avoiding making mistakes.  If I am energy in flux then I may fluctuate away from my purpose for a little time, before I fluctuate back again to my purpose.  The greater intelligence / life force / energy will bring me back to my purpose and support me and guide me into living my full potential.


Next steps:


Go out in nature and see how the plants, trees, flowers, animals and everything harmoniously supports everything else.  Drink it all in, pay close attention and enjoy.  Allow yourself to feel this in your body.  Allow yourself to move as you feel like moving, slow, fast, dancing, turning around in circles?  Just go with what you feel and enjoy it.


What is your full potential?


If we are to listen and learn from nature are full potential is to be what we are fully and enjoy it.  Without questioning or doubt.


It is often our conditioning that tells us that:

Life and work is hard.

You have to work hard to succeed.

You cannot make money from what you love.


If this has not worked for you so far why continue to believe in it? 


There is another way,

contact me to break free of your conditioning.

Your Full Potential and Nature’s lessons.
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  • July 3, 2013 at 8:46 am

    Many thanks for this gentle reminder, Fiona, that we are all part of one great universal energy. Your retreat with Sumedha and Noon sounds wonderful!


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