Female wisdom arises when you tap into the feminine energy inside you. This energy is in men as well as women.

It is not unusual for women to lose touch with their feminine energy, in a world that sees beauty and gentleness as a signs of weakness and less intellegence.

And yet, most men if they are honest, are scared of women and the unexpected strength and power that they often show. It is often from women that men see that vulnerability and love is both gentle and powerful.

In a recent group coaching session with men I found myself saying "Some men are man enough to be vulnerable". This surprised me but what surprised me even more was that it struck a cord with all the men and they understood it at a deep level. They then started to talk about how they have always hidden their emotions as they did not want to be seen as weak. Or worse people take advantage and manipulate their emotions, which had happened in the past.

Female energy is open, receptive, inclusive, nurturing, intuitive and creative. This energy makes it easier to multi task, see things from many perspectives, have empathy and being creative.

Male energy is more focused, directive, structured and logical, therefore this energy is good for taking direct action.

Being Balanced

I thought that I had a balance of these energies as I am very intuitive and loving and, at the same time, I am good at taking direct action and logical thinking. However, what I use to notice in my life is that some people saw my direct action and speech as a women to be slightly aggressive and abrupt. This had the effect of them not even seeing or hearing my love.

I thought that the answer to this was to balance the energies. However at the time by understanding of this was very literally and I balance the energies so well in myself that people were confused as to what gender I was!

True Balance

True balance comes from:

  • Being aware of both masculine and famine energy inside of you
  • Being comfortable with your natural harmony of these energies inside of you.
  • Allowing them to fluctuate naturally
  • Expressing and embracing the masculine or feminine energy that arises inside of you whilst doing certain tasks.
  • Consciously choosing which energy would help you to do certain tasks in certain situations

Be careful not to use either male or female energy to manipulate other people or situations.

Also be careful of when you have been confined to play the Male or Female role and be aware of wether this is truly you.

You have both female and male energy,

enjoy them both,

and be You

because you are whole and we are all one.